I’m only 16. Should I worry about COVID-19? Yes! And there is good reason why

I’m only 16. Should I worry about COVID-19? Yes! And there is good reason why

Because of COVID-19, school (along with many other things) have been shut down for the past month or so.

At first, my friends and I weren’t really taking this virus seriously and just considered it an early spring break from school instead of a safety precaution. Since I’m only 16 and don’t have any health issues, I thought I didn’t have any reason to be worried. But then I realized that not taking the necessary safety precautions could affect others. It was then that I really started to grasp the severity of this situation.

What I learned

COVID-19 has an incubation period of anywhere from 5-12 days, and it’s possible to have the virus without ever showing symptoms. Now I realize how easy it is to pass on the virus to anyone I was near if I had contracted it. I also thought of my nearly 90-year old Grandmother, and how my taking chances could affect her.

Though I am disappointed about many things being cancelled, including my school musical that I was a part of, it’s important to think about the bigger picture. And I’ve already started to change my habits. I’ve been washing my hands frequently and trying not to touch my nose, mouth, or eyes. I am avoiding public places with crowds, too.

Also, please remember that anyone can get COVID-19 no matter race, gender, or ethnicity. It’s important not to blame specific groups of people and instead come together and support each other so we can all get through this tough time.

Kili is a junior at Mountainside High School. She loves singing, playing piano and ukulele, and also running track and field.