Improve your Mental and Physical Health: National Nutrition Month!

Improve your Mental and Physical Health: National Nutrition Month!



March is National Nutrition Month. Established in 1973 by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, this annual campaign focuses on the importance of developing healthy, and sustainable habits around eating and physical activity. Read on to learn about how making a few, small changes over time can have you looking and feeling your best!

Make healthy cooking a group sport – Commit to trying a new fruit, vegetable, or healthy recipe each week with your family or friends during National Nutrition Month. Shopping for, prepping, and making healthy meals together provides accountability and adds fun, fellowship and camaraderie to what otherwise might seem like a mundane task.

Don’t be afraid to spice things up – Healthy food doesn’t need to be tasteless, or boring. Experiment with herbs, spices or citrus fruits like lemon or lime to help bring new life to routine dishes, leaving your taste buds eager for more delicious, heart-healthy fare.

Walk into a healthier, happier you – Walking just 30 minutes a day has been proven to increase cardiovascular fitness, reduce excess body fat and boost muscle power/endurance. Don’t be afraid of starting small and building from there. The goal is to get out and move!

Get in where you fit in – Look for opportunities to incorporate added physical activity wherever and whenever you can. Try taking the stairs rather than the elevator, park further from the store than you normally would, or squeeze in some squats or hand weights during commercial breaks on TV.

These small changes will quickly add up to big improvements to your physical and mental health! Remember to start small and keep your goals attainable to improve your chances of success.

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