Improve your neighborhood. Let us know your ideas

Improve your neighborhood. Let us know your ideas

The Fiscal Year 2020-21 Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) will be published in early July. We welcome input and involvement from the public on this process and would love to hear from you!

Draft 1 is available at and includes capital projects that have proposed funding in 2020-21. Draft 2 will be posted in May and will include capital projects with planned funding into the future.

The CIP project team is always searching for ways to improve the CIP document and process so your ideas are most welcome. Last year we identified several areas for improvement such as expanding from a five-year to a 10-year plan, integrating all aspects of the right-of way (ramps, sidewalks, bike lanes, street lights, etc.), and creating a more interactive plan.

Beginning in Fiscal Year 2020-2021, there will be a new and improved website with real-time project updates and an interactive map.

Do you have a suggestion for a street, sidewalk or other project in your area? Please submit it here