Introducing Jennifer Lundgren: “People Matter”, that’s our motto!

Introducing Jennifer Lundgren: “People Matter”, that’s our motto!



What does an HR/Operations manager, a psychology student, and a former special education provider have in common? They all work with Dirkse Counseling and Consulting! I spoke with the CEO and co-owner of Dirkse Counseling, Jennifer Lundgren to share her journey in the world of supported employment.


How did you begin working in the field of supported employment?

“I have family members who are autistic and grew up advocating for more inclusive environments and acceptance. Through connections of people I knew, I was recruited for my HR/operations background. It was a great fit as I believed in the mission and could use my skill set to impact the company.”


Why work in supported employment? 

“Your work is meaningful, and you have a profound impact on someone else’s life. Every day is an opportunity to make a difference in our clients’ lives and the community while experiencing the rewards of nurturing independence. Each day is different, and you always learn something new about yourself and the individuals you support.


What is your motto?

“People Matter” represents the individuals we serve, our team, as well as our community partners. We are all unique and have a purpose.  It is important to understand a person’s perspective and not what we [as providers] might think is best.  It is important to value our team; if employees are valued, they are more engaged with their work and focused. Our partners matter: collaboration and working together more effectively to meet client’s needs while encouraging people to be their best.”


By Kristi Metschan. For more info about our mission & programs, call Glenn Bishop: (503)-265-9256 or email