Introducing Pure Massage Pain Relief: Leave the Stress Behind!

Introducing Pure Massage Pain Relief: Leave the Stress Behind!

Chronic stress and hyper-tense muscles often go hand and hand, resulting in a constant drain on the body’s resources. Left untreated, they can entrap nerves, disrupt blood flow and mimic or cause a variety of diseases. This is where massage therapy can help.

With the right type of massage that both treats and comforts aching muscles, you can experience rest and pain relief that many find profoundly relaxing. Moreover, massage therapy can help those who are living with Chronic Myofascial Pain and fatigue due to unresolved stress and old injuries.

Regain a sense of well-being and energy

Hello, my name is Susan Ferreira and I have been a massage therapist for over 10 years. I believe in assisting nature with your well-being and offer advanced and relaxing massage therapy techniques for you to choose from.

My custom sessions are an infusion of a variety of massage techniques that can help you feel better by reducing your stress levels and softening adhesions. I can also help improve circulation by coaxing hyper-tense knotted muscle tissue to release contraction.

When you’re not always feeling tired, or concerned about injuring yourself further, when your body is reminded what feeling good is like, and when your mind is connecting with your body in harmony, as it processes the effects of the caring therapeutic touch, you begin to feel rejuvenated.

So, whether you want just a relaxing massage such as Swedish or deep tissue, or in need of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy for pain relief from a chronic condition, I can help!

Susan Ferreira (LMT/13618) can be reached at Pure Massage Pain Relief. For a free phone consultation, call 971-407-0402 or 971-533-9482. For more information, visit:

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