Introducing Sana Reiki, a Trauma Informed Reiki practice

Introducing Sana Reiki, a Trauma Informed Reiki practice

Impowering Clients to Heal: My work as a Reiki practitioner and teacher does not feel like a job; It feels like a calling. After nearly 10 years as an energy worker, I have created a new way to share Reiki with my clients and students by incorporating Trauma Informed principles.

When my family moved to Oregon in 2017, I took a long hiatus. During that time, I learned about Trauma Informed (TI) principles and I witnessed how trauma survivors could heal due to TI principles guiding the process. As a trauma survivor myself, I recognized the safety and empowerment that TI principles create within an organization, and how that contributes to healing.

When a group of my Reiki students and clients asked me to return to my work, I decided to create a Trauma Informed Reiki practice, but it was something that I had to invent. The result is an intentional way of working with trauma survivors that helps them feel safe and empowered because I collaborate with my clients to create sessions that work for them. I am so passionate and committed to this model of care that I am also creating a certification course to help other alternative wellness providers use TI principles in their practice.

As an experienced Reiki practitioner and teacher, I have always loved sharing Reiki with my clients. By adding Trauma Informed principles, I have added a new dimension that empowers my clients to experience peace and calm in their lives, and make progress on their goals, whether that be simply to relax or to transform and grow after trauma.

Nourish the soul with Reiki.

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