Introducing two 12-year-old Pug-a-Dores, meet Molly & Huxley

Introducing two 12-year-old Pug-a-Dores, meet Molly & Huxley



The perfect Pug-a-Dore Duo

Huxley and Molly are a heartwarming pair of Pug-a-Dores that are ready to bring endless joy, companionship, and unconditional love into your home. These lovable half Pug, half Labrador mixes embody the best of both breeds, combining the Pug’s playful personality and affectionate nature with the Labrador’s intelligence and loyalty.

Huxley and Molly’s adorable faces and charming personalities are impossible to resist and they’re experts in melting hearts. Their playful antics will keep you entertained, whether they’re chasing a toy in the backyard, enjoying a walk, or curling up beside you for a cozy evening at home. But it’s not just their looks and energy that make Huxley and Molly so special. Their love and kindness make them the perfect companions.

Adopting Huxley and Molly means inviting a dynamic duo into your life. Huxley loves to walk, fetch, and chase squirrels while Molly is spirited, she’ll keep you posted about everything going on in the neighborhood and she’ll make sure that she’s always first in line for breakfast and dinner. Huxley and Molly also get so excited to see you that they will run around in circles! It’s only for a minute but super cute to watch. Huxley will need a long-term urinary diet and Molly has some arthritis and may need a long-term medication to keep the pep in her step.

If you’re ready to open your heart and home to two incredibly endearing souls, Huxley and Molly are waiting to meet you. Embrace the chance to experience the unique blend of Pug and Labrador love that these Pug-a-Dores have to offer.


If you are interested in Molly and Huxley you can apply and learn more here: or email