Is rehoming a pet difficult to do?

Is rehoming a pet difficult to do?



When we bring a new pet into our home, our hope is they will be with us forever. However, life can throw us curveballs, and there may be a time when you need to find a new home for your furry family member. Regardless of the circumstances, rehoming an animal can be difficult and emotional.

With a focus on the intake of stray pets, animals under protective custody, and animals in need of care due to neglect and abuse, our limited space at the Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter is often at or near capacity. So, although we aren’t able to take in pets that owners can no longer keep, we can help with resources and referrals.

If you are considering rehoming because of financial or housing hardships, there may be a way to keep your pet. If you are considering rehoming because of behavior issues, talk with your veterinarian. They may be able to recommend training or a treatment that would allow you to keep your pet.

Rehoming an animal on your own allows you to determine the best match for your pet’s needs and will keep your pet out of a shelter. There are resources online to help you, including tips on our Rehoming Resources page.

If you can’t find a new home on your own and need to surrender your pet with a shelter or rescue in hopes that they can place the animal, please understand this process can take time. Organizations get calls for help daily and may not be able to assist you right away. It is OK to contact multiple organizations and put your pet on their waiting lists, but let each organization know when you have found placement.

We know rehoming an animal can be hard. Thank you for trying to find the best outcome for you and your pet, even when life is challenging.


You can find additional information and links to resources on the Rehoming Resources page at or call us at 503-846-7041 to discuss your specific situation.


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