Is this a good time to sell and right size? Or is the market slow due to quarantine?

Is this a good time to sell and right size? Or is the market slow due to quarantine?

The world is a strange place sometimes. With the Oregon unemployment rate jumping from 3.5% to 14.5% due to the Corona Virus and with Washington County reaching 9% and Multnomah County 11%, one would think that the real estate market was off by a significant amount and yet that is not the case.

If you are considering downsizing or selling your home this summer season, then you would be well to do so. For those whose jobs have been stable or who have been planning to purchase a home, they are ready to go and the rates are below 4%. Due to the virus, sales dropped for March and April, and would you believe May is showing to be on track, or close to, 2019’s performance?

The average time on market for the Portland Metro Area is 38 days with Tigard’s being 37 in comparison. This season is a good time to be selling and adjusting your lifestyle as needed. During quarantine, it was a great opportunity to work on cleaning out closets, cupboards and garages as well as work on home maintenance lists. If by chance that didn’t occur, may you be inspired by the numbers and seize today.

If the feeling of lethargy seems overwhelming or analysis paralysis has set in, don’t worry, little steps can equal big results. Quarantine has been unsettling for everyone and with the summer upon us, it is the perfect occasion to be inspired and to take steps that will lead you in the direction of the home and lifestyle you want to live.

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