Is this the end or the beginning?

Is this the end or the beginning?



The holidays are now in full swing!

Thanksgiving has passed and now we prepare for Christmas. It is easy to get caught up in the seasonal celebrations. Family gatherings, business parties, and neighborhood celebrations seem to be around every corner. As are the high carb, high sugar, and low nutrient foods and drinks.

During this time, many will get caught up in all the celebratory eating with the ‘hope’ to get back on track in the new year. Unfortunately, studies show that the average person gains around 5 pounds each holiday season – but only loses a portion in the new year. The result is that over the years, weight continues to slowly increase. So, the obvious question is:

How can we celebrate with family and friends, but not make ourselves sicker?

The answer may surprise you. Begin with the end. If your goal is to maintain or lose weight, don’t wait until January to start making changes in your eating habits – begin now! Make it easier on yourself by avoiding the extra pounds to lose in January.

Another hint would be to focus on the holiDAYs and not the holiMONTH. What that means is, pick a day or two to ‘enjoy’ the seasonal delights, but not every day. Consider a ‘vacation meal day’ where you can guilt-free enjoy the foods of the moment. Then eat healthy the rest of the season.


Some helpful tricks you can use when you do go to a party:

  • Eat something healthy BEFORE you go. That way you’ll be less likely to eat a lot of junk.
  • Drink a full glass of water prior to any alcohol. And keep drinking water throughout the event.
  • Have some of the veggie appetizers first. Then you can snack on the treats.
  • Go with a friend that you trust to help you monitor the amount of treats that mysteriously seem to jump onto your plate.


Perhaps the most important advice to give you is this:

  • Stay focused on your ultimate goal(s) and you will get through the tough times along the way!


May you and your family have a joyous and blessed Christmas!


For more information, visit Dr. Dan Miller has been serving the Beaverton area since 1992. He has long held the belief that good health begins before birth.