It’s National Nutrition Month: Watch Your Mouth

It’s National Nutrition Month: Watch Your Mouth


Diet is the centerpiece of wellness, even more so as we age. New research bears out the healing power of certain foods. The trick in the kitchen is to create flavor profiles to delight the eye and palate while leveraging the phenomenal benefits of these aptly named Super Foods:


Beautiful Berries

These tasty treats contain anti-inflammatory properties and mega amounts of antioxidants which inhibit the damaging movement of free radicals in our body.


Fabulous Fats

Monounsaturated fats can maintain or lower cholesterol, decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Even certain saturated fats, like coconut and avocado oils, can be an excellent energy source for brain cells. Seeds and nuts along with cold water fish are rich sources of Omega 3 which is vital to the central nervous system.


Chocolate Medicine

For a heart-healthy, antioxidant treat, forget Snickers. Go for bittersweet chocolates with high cocoa mass.  Decadent and beneficial.


It’s Easy Being Green

Kale, chard, spinach, all packed with Vitamin B, show evidence of slowing dementia. Pureed as a smoothie (with a touch of fruity sweetness) or used as an artful sauce, leafy green vegetables are everything Mom said they were.


Spicy World

Certain spices deserve accolades not just for taste, but for health as many have anti-inflammatory properties, a great advantage in the fight against dementia.



The challenge here is to watch intake. Carbs turn into sugar, spiking our production of insulin, thus opening us to the risk of diabetes and dementia-related conditions.

Gluten, those rubbery strands of protein in wheat grain, can further cause inflammation.


Drink Deep

While you’re chewing, wash it all down with plenty of water. Hydration ensures the body has adequate water for flushing toxins, transporting vital nutrients for cells and tissues, and keeping nose, throat, eyes and ears moist. Yet most people drink below the daily eight glasses a day, causing an alarming rise in the number of dehydrated individuals. Seniors are at even higher risk


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