Jack Strikes the Right Balance with no signs of slowing down



In December of 2018, Jack Warren was participating in his third and final year of the Beaverton School District Community Transition Program. He had been developing his vocational skills such as interview and resume writing practice, and volunteer work experience in the community.

In his free time, Jack could often be found at the local bowling alley sharpening his skills and competing in a league. During this time, he had also started working with Dirkse Counseling and Consulting to find his first job. In early 2019, Employment Services Manager Glenn Bishop found a great opportunity for Jack at a large health care facility, and he was hired on to the environmental services team.

Now, three years later, Jack is still going strong in his job – he enjoys his work, his coworkers only have positive things to say about him AND he is still striking the right work-life balance by bowling over 200 per game. Impressive!

When Covid 19 caused many businesses to close, Jack was able to maintain his employment. In fact, at the medical facility, Jack’s contribution was more important than ever. He did have to make a few adjustments, however, like altering his transportation methods and sadly, his bowling was tabled for almost eight months.

Now that Jack is fully back to his routine, he expresses pride in his work and in himself for keeping a great job for over three years with no sign of slowing down. Congratulations, Jack!



By Kristi Metschan. For more info about our mission & programs, call Glenn Bishop: (503)-265-9256 or email gbishop@dirksecc.com.