Jama Software, Meet Manisha Leiman, Employed

Jama Software, Meet Manisha Leiman, Employed

Imagine all the work you can get done if you had someone pitching in with dirty dishes, organizing work spaces, and keeping break rooms stocked and ready for decompression.  Enter Manisha Leiman, Jama Software’s Day Porter. At Jama, Manisha’s hard work allows her co-workers to “build great products” in the heart of downtown PDX for their vast array of customers that include SpaceX, Samsung, and Caterpillar.

Manisha, a second-year student of the Beaverton Community Transition Center, showed a knack for housekeeping thanks to a volunteer work experience.  Despite having quite some time before graduation, Manisha wasn’t interested in taking it easy.  Instead, she set a goal for herself to obtain paid employment in the community.  Now, Manisha can be found throughout Jama’s impressive workspace five days a week where she is able to parlay her housekeeping skills into her porter position and provide a valuable service for her co-workers.

With the support of Dirkse Counseling & Consulting, in conjunction with Jama Software’s commitment to inclusion, spearheaded by Lauren Espinosa (Manager of Talent Acquisition) and Michael Mudd (Workplace Manager), Manisha is meeting her career goals, gaining work-related skills, and meeting the numerous talented individuals that comprise Jama’s roster.  At Jama, Manisha’s many positive attributes take center stage as opposed to the disability she happens to experience.

Employment Specialist Michael Shareshian of Dirkse has had the pleasure of observing Manisha’s development first hand.  Manisha’s self-confidence has skyrocketed and her work ethic and desire to constantly improve are on full display. When asked about her favorite parts of working at Jama, Manisha described the kind people there and the excitement of commuting to the city each day.  Considering this is only the beginning of Manisha’s career, she is in fantastic shape for future successes.

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