June is LGBTQ Pride Month: Let’s honor their history



It’s always important to honor the history of unjustly marginalized groups and the contributions they have made to the world as we know it today, including the LGBTQ community.

June is LGBTQ Pride Month, a time to give extra attention to this demographic that has been historically underrepresented. LGBTQ Pride Month grew out of a similar celebration that occurred annually on the last Sunday of June; the significance of this time of year stems from an important event in LGBTQ activism that occurred in June of 1970. One of the reasons for the existence of Pride Month is to recognize the impact that people of this community have had on all aspects of history.

Over the past several decades, activism against laws and attitudes that are oppressive to this community have grown dramatically. It represents improvements, but this growth doesn’t mean there’s nothing more to be done. Activists, such as professional soccer player Megan Rapinoe, are still speaking out about the progress that has yet to be made.

These are the other purposes of taking a month to honor this community: the present and the future. Just as important as learning about and honoring their history is taking actions in the present to build a positive future: one of kindness and acceptance.


Anna Janowski is a teen volunteer at the Beaverton City Library. Outside of school, she likes to read, write, play softball and the trumpet.