Just move! The best advice you’ll get for 2020

Just move! The best advice you’ll get for 2020

It’s the beginning of the year…and this will be some of the best advice that you get all year:


You’re a high-powered salesman.  You’re a branch manager.  You’re a district manager.  You’re a school teacher.  You’re a small business owner.  You’re the president of a medium sized company.  You’re a high school principal.  You’re a sales or general manager.  You’re the CEO of a large corporation.

How you get through your day…how productive you are…how you enjoy your day…. depends on your brain function and a positive attitude.

The quick thinking, creativity, and decisions you make on a daily basis…impact…EVERYTHING!  They impact the bottom line.  hey impact your employee base.  They impact operations.  They impact how you engage others and much more.

Physical activity and movement are the power sources for:  Confidence, self-esteem, quick thinking, brain function & growth…AND positive attitude.  All of this is so crucial to healthy living, but in a world with levels of anxiety and depression at all-time highs…exercise is more important than ever!  You see, exercise releases neurotransmitters that counter the dangerous effects of anxiety and depression.

Check out this article on the subject:  https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/20/well/move/3-hours-of-exercise-a-week-may-lower-your-depression-risk.html

Keep it simple:  Get up a little early and run or walk.  Walk at lunch.  Swim.  Ride a bike.  Join (and actually go) any kind of gym.  Play with your family.  Work out at home.  Walk your dog.  Play a sport.  Hike.  Exercise in the office (yes, it’s a thing, and easy).


Words are the easy part.  Intent is not hard.  The hard part is execution…and the harder part is consistent execution.

Just remember, movement of any kind facilitates brain growth, mental energy, positive attitude, self-esteem, productivity, creativity and so much more.

An active lifestyle also fosters a healthier and beefed up immune system…helping you fight illness…keeping it at bay.

It’s proven!  It’s neuroscience!  It works!

Move!  Make it happen…again…and again…and again!

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