Kayla is working 6+ years above grade level! Thanks to Kumon of South Beaverton

Kayla is working 6+ years above grade level! Thanks to Kumon of South Beaverton



Kayla is 17 years old and a Junior at Southridge High School. In 2019 she became an official Kumon DOUBLE completer, finishing both the math & reading/writing programs by the time she turned 14 years old! This means that Kayla is working 6+ years above her grade level and starting to tackle college level math as early as 8th grade. Having started the program at 3 years old, Kayla has nurtured a persistent work ethic as well as an impressive dedication to her academic growth.

Although she has graduated from the student role at Kumon, Kayla continues to work within the program as an understanding and experienced instructor.

Outside of Kumon, Kayla loves spending time with her friends and family, baking, and traveling. She is also an active member of her school community, running Southridge High School’s Women’s Empowerment Club and social media accounts for student government, as well as being on Southridge’s Honor Roll & National Honor Society.

Kayla’s advice to future and current Kumon students is, “Try to always stay consistent with your work and not be discouraged when learning a new subject/level. Kumon is a super helpful program that will help you succeed in school and also teach you valuable life-skills like time management and organization.”

We here at Kumon are beyond proud of Kayla and all that she has accomplished so far and can only imagine the incredible journey ahead of her.


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