Keeping your home looking young will help when it’s time to sell

Keeping your home looking young will help when it’s time to sell

Aging is not something we have a choice in, it occurs every day. The same goes for the home we live in and as we brush our teeth every day, there are daily tasks we can perform to help stay on top of our aging home.

One of the simplest steps in keeping a home in good condition is keeping it clean and organized. A five-star general stated that the first task he did every day was to make his bed. And not to sound like a mother or mother-in-law (as I am neither), but it makes a difference on the home as it helps the floors and counters stay in better condition too.

Have free time? Try cleaning the baseboards. These tend to collect dust and grime and can make your house feel young if done even twice a year. Have you taken a good luck at your cabinets? Are there hand marks or cooking debris?  When we use something every day, it’s easy for our eyes to overlook those things and yet, they are there. Just a few minutes of wiping down the surfaces with lemon oil 3x a year will make them sparkle!

And one additional recommendation is to attack the closets in the home and make sure they are neatly arranged. Why? Because once done, it is easier to keep this way and it will overflow into keeping other areas of your home organized too. Look into getting some gadgets to keep jewelry in place, scarfs hanging neatly and more.

Why do these steps make a difference? Because when it is time to sell your home, in two or twenty years, having taken care of your house now will make it so much easier on you later. People often say I will get to ‘it’ and yet the task is never performed. Maintaining a home is easy when it is done in small and consistent ways. Make the aging process easy on yourself and your home by doing a little every day.

By Kimberly Shute: If you would like to learn more about real estate and move management services, please contact Kimberly. We serve seniors through real estate and move management services. Call 971-227-1302 or visit

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