KICK OFF the YEAR with A PLAN: Stimulate your creative side

KICK OFF the YEAR with A PLAN: Stimulate your creative side


No matter our age, learning and having fun are vital to our quality of life, and yet, it can be easy to slowly, yet suddenly, discover that we are not doing either one.

  • Do you have a bookcase full of dynamic stories, rich history, or wonderful intrigue and yet there they remain on the shelf not being read?
  • Or have you wanted to learn an art style such as charcoal or colored pencil drawing, how to write a children’s book or act?

The list is infinite on what we can learn and yet we get sidetracked by day to day existing that we forget to plan outside of doctor visits, running to the hairdresser or going to the gym. All of which are valid and needed, yet so are the exciting components we need in our lives. The events that give us something to look forward to.

In addition, to the important components of life that are essential to have in place during the second half of life, such as having the will and trust written and purchasing a burial plan, add to the calendar one new thing to learn or do a month. This can be done by reading a book, watching YouTube or taking a class.

Or plan a trip to somewhere you have wanted to go and spend the month researching and booking. Start now by writing down 12 desires you have regarding something you have wanted to learn or do. Then, prioritize and put the list in order. Next, by each one, write down 1-3 steps necessary for you to take to make that desire happen. Mark them on a calendar or post on the refrigerator so that you see it every day and each day take action towards that month’s goal.

You will find that each month will have something to be excited about, and joy will stir, and fun will be had. There may be times when you feel like a fish out of water as you learn something new but, in the end, it will be so worthwhile. If you have a friend, inspire each other to write a list and commit to achieving your dreams.

A few additional ideas to help stimulate your creative side: join a group (they are free groups that bring people together who like doing the same things and there is a group for every interest), take a dance or acting class, learn to blow glass at the coast, take a walking tour of Portland (we often miss wonderful attractions that are located in our own backyard) or see an opera or play. The opportunities truly are endless.

Make 2023 a year packed with adventure!


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