Kids and spinal check-ups: Attend the Kids and Chiropractic Workshop, 3/30

Kids and spinal check-ups: Attend the Kids and Chiropractic Workshop, 3/30

We all want what’s best for our kids and navigating the endless array of parenting and medical advice for even the common cold is daunting. What many parents might not know, is that professional Chiropractic care can be part of a holistic, and individual-centric treatment plan for not only wellness but some common childhood ailments.


Tired parents may find some relief from colic symptoms with a professional chiropractic check-up. One study found that chiropractic adjustments can reduce crying by up to two hours per day.

Ear infections

The American Academy of Pediatrics now discourages antibiotics for young children experiencing ear infections. Researchers have found a strong correlation between adjustments (focused on aligning the spine and central nervous system) and the resolution of ear infections in children in combination with other natural remedies.


The fear of pain associated with going to the bathroom becomes a vicious cycle that leads to more abdominal pain and constipation. The good news is, by keeping an eye on your child’s diet, establishing daily routines, and using other forms of natural care like chiropractic can reduce stressful occurrences of constipation in your child.


Leading healthcare organizations have begun to encourage a more conservative approach to managing ADHD. Recent research concluded visible improvement in ADHD symptoms through chiropractic care of children previously diagnosed with ADHD.

March workshop: Kids and Chiropractic. Find out more about how a nervous system check-up can benefit your child’s health. March 30, 6:30pm at True Potential Beaverton. **Light meal included**

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