KPTV FOX Channel 12: Heroic teen saves teammate’s life

By KPTV Staff

It was a heroic effort by a couple of teens on the lacrosse team at Westview High School. During practice, Colby Clay collapsed after being hit in the chest by a ball.

Ben Wu, his teammate and a senior who’s planning to go into the medical field, jumped into action.

“His gasping sounds turned into agonal breathing, which tells me he was lacking oxygen. So I immediately lifted up his pads and started doing compressional CPR,” Wu told FOX 12.

“I thought he was dead several times. There was a moment about three minutes in where he just went completely limp. And so I was saying, ‘Colby, come on stay with me!’ and he came back. But during that five-second time span, I thought for sure he was gonna die.”

Ben Balzer, who’s also a senior, called 911. He said everyone remained calm while a coach ran to the baseball field to get the athletic trainer and an AED.

“Everything went as good as it could, for how bad the situation was,” Balzer said.

The boys said first responders arrived within minutes. They shocked Colby three times before his pulse returned.

“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them,” Clay said.

Clay was taken to the hospital where he stayed for two nights.

“Right when I woke up, my grandma bought me a new set of pads that protects my chest. So, that’s good. And my mom and dad even bought me another chest protector, so hopefully, that doesn’t happen again to me,” Clay told FOX 12.

Though Clay was restricted from heavy exercise for their playoff games, the boys honored him on the field with stickers on their helmets, his initials and number.

“Ben Wu, I can’t thank him enough. And what he did was really incredible, and he’s really humble,” Clay said.

Doctors told Clay what happened is called commotio cordis, seen mostly in athletes who are struck with a ball that disrupts the rhythm of a heart.

Without immediate CPR, Clay’s chances of surviving would have been very slim.

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