KPTV FOX Channel 12: Landscaping company helps Beaverton family that fell victim to crime

By KPTV Staff

When a Beaverton family fell victim to a crime, they were left wondering how they could afford to stay warm during the cold winter months. That is until a landscape company stepped in to help.

Beaverton police told FOX 12 they can’t say specifically what happened that put the family in a tough spot, only that it’s a very sensitive case. But whatever happened left the family unable to heat their home.

The Victim Services Division reached out to Beaverton police to find a company that could help out in any way they could, and that’s when Baseline Landscapes stepped up.

Rick Hodges, the owner of the company, donated two cords of wood, worth about $400.

Hodges’ son, along with a crew, delivered the wood to the family and helped stack it on the side of their house.

Hodges says he is a man of faith so when he heard he could make a difference, he knew he needed to act.

“We just want to be available. God has blessed us so much that we just feel like giving back. It’s just when those doors or opportunities are available to us, we want to make sure we follow up and do the right thing,” said Hodges.

He added that the donation couldn’t have come at a better time, because temperatures dipped into the 30s at night during the week in question.

This was just one case where a donation changed a family’s life, but there are many more that could use help.

Anyone who has something they know can make a difference should reach out to law enforcement and they will point them in the right direction.

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