KPTV FOX Channel 12: The officer Nextdoor, Officer Jeremy Shaw wins award

By KPTV Staff

A Beaverton Police Department officer is being recognized for his online engagement with the community.

Nextdoor is a neighborhood social network site used by more than 175,000 neighborhoods.

While many people use it to discuss things happening in their neighborhood from lost dogs to yard sales, it has also become a place to post about suspicious circumstances.

That has not gone unnoticed by police.

More than 1,500 law enforcement agencies are on Nextdoor, but one local officer is really using it to stay connected with the community.

For the first time, Nextdoor put together a list of 35 most appreciated and engaging law enforcement officials.

Beaverton’s own Public Information Officer Jeremy Shaw won a national recognition as one of Nextdoor’s 2018 Neighborhood Champions for his use of Nextdoor to better serve the community.

“This award means we are engaging our community. An engaged community is a safer community,” Shaw said.

Shaw won based on the number of thanks and replies he has received from neighbors in response to his Nextdoor posts.

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