Leading women through fitness Virtually

Leading women through fitness Virtually

Home gyms and virtual workouts may not be new, but they are certainly more prevalent during these times of COVID-19.

FOX 12 spoke to a single mom and cancer survivor from Beaverton who has found strength through leading women through fitness.

“It’s not as if you are working out alone because the huge aspect of this is the community support that comes with online fitness and coaching,” Shelly Gonzales said.

A 22-year fitness instructor and personal trainer, Gonzales turned to digital seven years ago with her virtual wellness studio.

“It was much more accessible to them, and affordable to them and lucrative for me as a coach to be able to serve many people at once versus one on one training,” she said.

Shelley’s fitness and nutrition groups has seen an uptick in clients as we all find new ways to adapt.

“I am blessed that people are seeing their health as a necessity and not just a luxury. Some people resist it but they are looking for options and so I am just helping them find what fits them at this point in their lives,” Gonzales said.

At this point in her life, the mother of four, with three kids still at home, was planning on getting married on May 2nd, but those plans are now on hold due to the pandemic.

“I always said that I would be happy to go down to the courthouse tomorrow and get married and so it looks like that might end up happening,” she said.

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