Learning opportunity outside of the schools How Kumon is filling an educational gap?

Learning opportunity outside of the schools How Kumon is filling an educational gap?

Kumon is an individualized supplemental education program that helps master foundation skills so students can be working two to three years above international grade level, independently. Kumon is a self-study program that can be done at home. Yes, we usually have in class sessions and we look forward to the time when we can see our students in person again, but during this time of distance learning, students are able to continue to advance forward in our Kumon curriculum while staying safe at home.

Beyond the curriculum, the Kumon method teaches responsibility and accountability to students because they are expected to self-learn without anyone standing in front of them, teaching them. They are expected to “figure it out,” but we are here to help if needed. Kumon provides studying strategies through examples and helps students become lifelong learners and mature community citizens.

Kumon students range in abilities from students who are behind in school and needing extra assistance, students who are doing ok but could be doing much better, to students working two/three years above grade level who are looking to challenge themselves and prepare for advanced study in high school and the future.

Kumon is daily work with worksheets teaching the students while using paper, pencil and their BRAIN, which improves their fine motor skills as well as cognitive development and leads to the best students.

Kumon of South Beaverton is open for testing new students and can do so online. And to help with remote learning, we can start new students at a very comfortable level until it’s incorporated into their daily learning routines.

We are also working hard to provide daily work to current students including online instruction for Kumon’s specialized curriculum as well as assisting students with the pressure of doing distance learning for their schools. It is a new experience for parents as well as students!

Kumon always provides consistency to student’s academics and allows students to maintain progress year around. The daily academic practice ensures all our students are ready for the next school year and beyond.

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