Leave behind whatever circumstances feed your anxiety, from Anxiety to Joy

Leave behind whatever circumstances feed your anxiety, from Anxiety to Joy

Even as a pastor, I sometimes forget how faithful God is. Even in the midst of our pain, suffering, doubt and fear, God is right there, speaking with clarity and telling us just what we need to hear. When I hear His voice so clearly, I am often caught off guard and become overwhelmed by His goodness and faithfulness.

During the chaos and uncertainty of the last year, and especially the last month, I have felt as though I cannot stop thinking, planning and worrying. I have formulated a lie in my head that if I’m not worrying or trying to plan for whatever is to come then I will lose control of my life and risk becoming paralyzed by my circumstances.

This emotional downward spiral usually looks something like this: I become overwhelmed, as if a ton of bricks has been laid on my shoulders. Then fear begins to control my thoughts. Next, my heart and mind slip into a state of anxiousness. From there, it is just a short trip to an ugly place called anxiety.

But God is good and in moments like the one I just described, He is quick to speak deeply into our hearts. The Bible says, “God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble. So, we will not fear when earthquakes come and the mountains crumble into the sea.”

God loves us and wants to move us away from a life of anxiety, to a life filled with peace and joy. When fears, doubts and struggles enter our minds, God reminds us that true peace and joy can only come from being in a relationship with Him. God does not want us to carry the burdens of life on our own. He invites us to cast our fear, our worries, our doubts and our moments of anxiety on his shoulders; take a deep breath and watch as he slowly replaces these things with joy.

Make a commitment this year to leave behind whatever circumstances feed your anxiety. Instead, pursue God and experience the peace and joy that comes from knowing and trusting Him.

Doug Boyd is senior pastor for Parkside Fellowship located at 5755 SW Erickson Ave in Beaverton. Call (503) 646-4455 or find out more by visiting parksidefellowship.org