Let’s be better neighbors, It’s worth the effort

Let’s be better neighbors, It’s worth the effort

A few years back, a group of community leaders met with the mayor of Denver, Colorado to learn how they could better support the needs of the Denver metropolitan area.

The Mayor, Bob Frie, listed off several local organizations that were in need of support. After detailing the needs of the community, Mayor Frie paused and said, “The majority of the issues that our community faces would be eliminated or drastically reduced if we could just figure out a way to become a community of great neighbors.” (The Art of Neighboring, John Pathak & Dave Runyon, 2012)

Reflecting upon this story, I think it’s fair to ask the question: how would our community be impacted and enriched if we took it upon ourselves to be good neighbors?

When the summer sun begins to fade behind the fall rainstorms, we tend to become a bit more detached from the people around us, especially those in our neighborhoods.

What if we made an effort to connect with our neighbors this fall? What if we decided to bless the 5 or 6 families that live closest to us?

Blessing our neighbors could be a lot of fun, so let’s get creative in how we do it!

  • You could rake the leaves for your next-door-neighbor,
  • buy a housewarming gift for the family that just moved in,
  • invite someone over to watch the football game,
  • meet up for a cup of coffee,
  • or just take a few minutes to have a conversation outside your home before closing the garage door.

It is that type of relationship-building that can make a lasting difference in your neighborhood and subsequently in the community at-large! This fall, let’s make an effort to be better neighbors.

By Chris Canton, Pastor, Lighthouse Church. Find us at 12555 SW 22nd St, Beaverton. Visit our website at www.mylighthousechurch.org. Our Sunday service times are 10:30am (in English) and 2pm (en español)

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