Life returns in force in April… beauty can arise from once-barren ground

Life returns in force in April… beauty can arise from once-barren ground



While April showers bring May flowers, even now there are abundant blossoms. Yellow daffodils, lilac and white crocuses, pink and white cherry blossoms, and a nearby tulip festival with 80 varieties on 40 acres herald the arrival of spring with a floral fanfare. Light, color, vibrancy, and life returns in force in April.

Spring’s season of sensorial extravagance is a recurrent reminder of the boisterous beauty we are blessed with annually. While Daylight Savings Time has its detractors, especially as we “spring forward” an hour, it does afford an extra daylight hour to immerse ourselves in the sights, sounds, and scents of the season. A riot of colors awaits our eyes, a cacophony of nesting songbirds delights our ears, and the floral enticements of countless blooms beckon us to dive headlong into this month’s offerings.

Perhaps that perennial plumage of nature inspired Shakespeare to pen, “April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.” This month is a time to remind ourselves that beauty can arise from once-barren ground, that songs of joy simply for being alive come unbidden to our lips, and that hope and possibility are carried on the warming breezes around us. A spirit of youth is one of expansive dreams, anticipated change, and a contagious excitement that expectation, wonder, and joy are not only promised in this season, but present in this moment.

The beauty of flowers is to attract pollinators and create more seeds for the future. Beauty partakes of the divine because it is an invitation to transformation. The natural world around us is abuzz and ablaze with it, and it invites our own embrace of change.

  • Where are we called to change?
  • How can we bloom where we’ve been planted in this community?
  • What beauty can we share to seed a better future?


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