Literary Corner: Transform with Confidence

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In “Transform with Confidence” (available on Amazon), readers are introduced to a thought-provoking process for developing personal leadership skills, managing life’s transformative moments and creating the type of world we all want to live in.

Included, is a mix of educational information coupled with practical exercises that focus a reader on identifying their unique strengths, creating a vision that’s authentic to them, identifying goals and steps to accomplish that vision and it empowers them with the confidence to connect and enroll others in helping that vision to become a reality.  In the process, readers learn how to manage their fears with increased confidence and feel less anxious in the pursuit of their dreams.  It’s ideal for young adults on up.

About the Author

Jeff Otis is a life-long Beaverton resident, a thought-leader, a business leader, a coach and mentor for many.  As the Executive Director for Project OTY (, he inspires individual and organizational accountability with the skills and a process for managing the most Transformative Time in the history of humankind.   Over 12,000 interviews, 10,000 employees and 180,000 conversations with business leaders around the country make up his career.  Hobbies include Golf, Friends, Walks, Pubs and Music.

If you are interested in learning more about, the book, ProjectOTY or a workshop for your team, you can email Jeff here: