Little Groot is very scared, can you help him become brave?

Little Groot is very scared, can you help him become brave?



Do your friends say you are a dog whisperer??? Are you good with working with fearful dogs? If so, we have a great new year’s project for you!

This little 1 year old boy is Groot. He is a small, 10+ pound mix that came to us from Mexico. In his foster home, he has been working on his socialization skills as he has shown to be extremely skittish in almost all situations. Groot is making great progress. He now sleeps in the big human bed at night. He will settle in quickly when placed under the covers. In the mornings, Groot will play “blanket monster” or his favorite “Licky Licky Alarm Clock” usually between 4:00 and 5:00 AM!

He is always extremely happy to see you when you get home and will show that excitement. However, he still shows his timid side when it comes to interacting with him or picking him up. Groot has a favorite bed in his foster family’s office where he will run to if he is ok with you picking him up. He appears to be ok with being held or sitting with you. He also likes to play with toys, mostly hoarding them. He will chase a small ball around for a while and then hide that too.

Groot often tries to play with the foster home’s older blind dog who is not a good role model for him. With that said, Groot would do very well with a younger dog with energy and the ability to further teach him how to be a fantastic pet in a loving home. He absolutely requires a secure back yard as he would be nearly impossible to catch if he were to get out. He also needs to have someone home with him most of the time to keep him social with people. If he is crated too much, I think it will set him back. He is not a destructive boy when left out of the crate.

Groot is mostly potty trained. When you say to him, “Let’s potty outside,” he goes running to the door to go outside. But when he needs to come back in, you have to turn your back to him, or he won’t come in. We are still working on that.

In short, Groot is a very loving and charming little boy. He just needs someone who has the patience to keep working with him to get him to fully trust his environment.


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