Loading zones are available for purchases including online pre-orders

Loading zones are available for purchases including online pre-orders

Welcome to the July Market! Welcome to the July Market!

Most of our state is in the process of re-opening and businesses are anxious to get back to normal, whatever that is. As more people get out and about, we know that there are many of you who still feel uncomfortable being around others even with social distancing and mask wearing. While we can no longer operate as a drive through market, we want you to know that we have activated two loading zones, one on Hall and Third St., the other on 2nd and Washington. These loading zones are staffed by the market youth staff who are there to assist customers who drive up to pick up purchases.

You can find a list of vendors who accept pre-orders on our website. If you would like those pre-ordered purchases taken to a loading zone for pickup, please tell the vendor when you make your order.

See you at the Market!

2020 Vendor Guide, Spotlight Stories

Fraga Farmstead Creamery is Oregon’s only certified organic goat dairy. We milk 72 very happy goats, turning the milk into a wide range of delicious cheese as well as goat milk caramel. . We have been licensed Animal Welfare Approved since 2019. Our cheeses are available at New Seasons Market and regional farmers markets, as well as at Co-Ops in the Portland Metro Area. Pick up at the farm can also be arranged.

Our kids spend their days roaming open pasture with their moms and inventing new ways to have fun – from getting their heads stuck in fences to jumping off our homemade pallet swing. Every season about twenty kids are born. We keep a little less than half of the does as milkers and the rest are put up for adoption.

Try our Farmhouse Chipotle, Fenugreek, Foster Lake Camembert, Goatarella, Organic Chevre and more!

Healthy Roots Hemp Products is a CBD manufacture based in Oregon. We grow, manufacture and market all of our own products. We pride ourselves on providing compassionate care and products that are made with locally sourced raw materials and are free of all chemicals, pesticides, and GMOs.

Healthy Roots Hemp provides hemp-derived full spectrum hemp extract oil products that are made to improve health, help ease aches and discomfort, and enhance day to day life. Our mission is to help as many people as possible by providing high-quality, local products at an affordable cost. Our team believes in and embodies our mission wholeheartedly. We are seasoned in all avenues; from the cultivation of hemp to formulating recipes with extensive knowledge on all forms of cannabinoids, providing an incomparable product for the market. From your pets to your grandmother, and everyone in between, we have something for everyone.

We’re on A Mission To Provide The Best CBD Products On The Market!

Sinful Confections: I love the challenge of recreating my favorite baked goods to be allergy friendly. While it’s definitely not an easy process it’s certainly an accomplishment once I figure it out. As I continued to provide gluten free and soy free cupcakes at my children’s birthday parties, I began to receive numerous compliments about them. Encouragement began to build from many of my peers to push my talents to other baked goods and to sell them!

The joy and reactions I get from my customers today truly make my heart so happy! Especially from those with food allergies who had given up hope on finding tasty treats that are safe for them. My hope is that I continue to grow in my local communities which have been so supportive of me.

Everything at Sinful Confections is made from scratch, using real, pure ingredients. Our roots began with Farmers Markets and we will always source locally whenever possible. Cheap products are made from cheap ingredients. All of our baked goods are made in small batches by hand and are 100% gluten & dairy free. We are vegan friendly! We have eliminated animal products such as dairy, eggs, butter and honey from the majority of our baked goods. We don’t think having food allergies means you should have to give up your favorite desserts! You wont find gluten, dairy or many other allergies in our baked goods. Supporting local, small businesses means a lot to us and we appreciate YOU stopping by.

Portland Ashwagandha Farm: Jeff Johnson (farmer and founder of Portland Ashwagandha Farm) began studying chemistry and Ayurvedic medicine in his youth and was destined to become an herbalist and farmer of plant medicine.

He started Rising Stone Farm in 2012; a biodynamic medicinal herb company which grew, processed and sold tinctures and raw medicinal pants at Portland’s farmer’s markets and co-ops. Over time, Jeff noticed that the need for Ashwagandha was increasing as many he encountered expressed feeling run down and nervously exhausted. This new insight propelled Jeff to focus primarily on perfecting the cultivation and processing of the Ashwagandha plant with the belief that it is the best medicine for all the modern ailments we face. In 2015, Portland Ashwagandha Farm launched providing the first biodynamically grown, freshly harvested, and spagyrically processed Ashwagandha tincture product on the market.

It is our mission to help you feel calmly cared for by the incredible revitalizing properties of Ashwagandha and promise to grow the highest quality product of this amazing plant.