Lose the Covid ‘19-pounds’… And enjoy the new you!

Lose the Covid ‘19-pounds’… And enjoy the new you!

As the global pandemic continues on, more and more people are mentioning that they are gaining weight. Today we are going to discuss simple steps you can do to minimize your unwanted gain, and set you up for improved health.

The refrigerator and pantry are the first places to begin. If you do not have junk food in the house, you will have a difficult time stress eating bad food. If you do choose to run out and get a ‘snack’ at least you are having to work for it – most people will not.

Getting outside is a great way to avoid adding extra pounds. Whereas you cannot exercise your way out of a bad diet, regular movement is a great compliment to healthy eating. Not only will regular exercise help you normalize your weight, it will also lower your bad cholesterol, decrease your risk factors for heart disease and diabetes, and help decrease stress and increase mental clarity and focus.

Emotional stress has a big influence on body weight. When the body is in a “fight-or-flight” mode, stress hormones like cortisol levels increase. One of the effects of high stress hormones is that metabolism decreases. You guessed it – high stress can lead to high weight.

Changes in your lifestyle may not come easy, but the long-term benefits and rewards are truly worth the time and effort! Take small steps, celebrate the wins, give yourself grace during the tough times, and enjoy the new you!

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