Making Every Milestone Count. Congratulations to Andrew!

Making Every Milestone Count. Congratulations to Andrew!

In employment, we love to celebrate all types of milestones, like getting new tasks, getting a promotion, or celebrating an anniversary. For Andrew Dan, that milestone was achieving his 5th year as a team member of Papa’s Pizza Parlor in Beaverton this past year. For Andrew, a person with autism, reaching this milestone hasn’t been easy.

Andrew was hired to clean and sanitize the children’s play area and, more recently, the game room. When there is so much staff turnover, and the play area regularly bustling with children, Andrew is one thing that has stayed constant in this ever-changing environment. Dirkse CC Vocational Support Lead Professional, Robynne Peterson and other job coaches worked with Andrew to become more comfortable with climbing up in the towers and tunnels. When Andrew started work, he was nervous at first, but after much coaching and support, he now goes up on his own without any issues. He loves operating and cleaning the ferris wheel and other play equipment. Andrew enjoys his job and if asked where he works says with pride in his voice, Papa’s Pizza.

General Manager, Dan Olson, says, “Andrew is an important part of our play area maintenance plan. His twice-weekly deep cleaning of our play structures helps to augment our daily cleaning schedule by allowing our play area supervisors spend more time supervising the playground. It has been a pleasure to have Andrew work here the past 5 years.”

Congratulations to Andrew – here’s to many more years of successful employment!

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