Making sure your furniture fits your lifestyle needs: My mother said what?!?

Making sure your furniture fits your lifestyle needs: My mother said what?!?

The other weekend I was visiting my mom where we found ourselves in downtown Corvallis going through a furniture store. Initially, we dropped in to look at television stands. Once we scaled the two flights of stairs, we came across bedroom sets. Taking a walk through, she shared commentary about the different ones when suddenly she stated this is ‘the’ one. It had a mirror on the armoire piece, which attracted her greatly because she didn’t have a full-length mirror in her master. A few moments later she stated, ‘if I buy this, I won’t need to stand on the edge of the bathtub to see myself making sure everything is in place!’.


At 86 years old, I cannot believe she said that!

After a few moments, I picked myself up from the floor having the image of her putting herself at risk being 86 years old. Feeling like I was the parent, and she was the teenager keeping secrets and I find out about them later.

Needless to say, we did end up buying the set that day. In addition to her need for safety and a full-length mirror, her bed required a stair step to get into it. Getting up during the middle of the night was a potential trip hazard that could result in broken bones or hip. The new set solved both issues: the mirror and exiting the bed.

Included with her original bedroom set, she had a dresser with a large mirror that was directly opposite of the high bed, allowing her to see herself first thing every morning, for better or worse. When the lower bed and mattress arrived the first thing she said was ‘it is so low, I can’t even see myself when I first wake up, which is definitely a good thing!’

Is the furniture you have the furniture you need?

I share this story because it is important that the furniture you possess fits your physical capabilities and supports your safety rather than putting you at risk. If you would like a review of your furniture and home, please feel free to contact me.


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