Making your neighborhood more walkable! Two projects pedestrians love

Making your neighborhood more walkable! Two projects pedestrians love

Menlo Drive Sidewalk Project

The Southwest Menlo Drive Sidewalk Project construction began in November of last year as the inaugural project for the city’s Sidewalk Infill Program, which works to complete the city’s sidewalk system throughout the community. The Menlo project includes new sidewalks on the eastside of the road between Southwest Fairmount Drive and Southwest Allen Boulevard, along with associated planters, streetlights, street trees, and storm drainage infrastructure. A ribbon cutting event was held in July.

High-intensity Activated crossWalK signals

Have you noticed a different type of traffic signal on Southwest Farmington Road near Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue’s fire station or on Southwest Hall Boulevard near Fanno Creek? These signals are called HAWK signals, which stands for High-intensity Activated crossWalK signals. The signals are officially known as a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (PHB). A solid yellow light lets motorists know to slow down and be prepared to stop. This light is followed by a solid red light, which requires drivers to stop. The solid red lights are followed by flashing red lights, at which time drivers are required to come to a full stop, but may proceed once pedestrians have cleared the crosswalk and it is safe to proceed.

Reader’s Choice Awards

Vote for your Favorite Beaverton Business The BRG is holding a 2021 Reader’s Choice Awards for Best Beaverton Business in several categories. Be sure to vote for your favorite businesses and if you have loyal customers, let them know so they can vote for you!

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