Managing a Season of Change: Evaluate before moving forward

Managing a Season of Change: Evaluate before moving forward

Spring means there is a change in season, change in foliage and change in length of days. It can also mean that there are life changes: downsizing, having an estate sale or moving to a senior community. Either one of these events means adjustment, let alone if they occur at the same time.

Some of us embrace change but for others, it can be more of a challenge. If having lived in a home for over 20 years with treasures that are lifelong memories, an emotional attachment can be linked to those mementos and parting with them can take an adjustment. Are you ready to donate, give away or throw away many of these items? Which items do you keep? For this internal battle, which path do you take?

This process can feel like Spring bringing you joy or like Winter delivering a sentiment of being low. Each item can stir feelings relating to one or the other seasons.

A step that can be useful when angst arises when needing to make emotional decisions is to take a moment.


And in this moment, ask yourself:

  • Is this important to me because it is (or was) a significant event?
  • Is it a so-so memory or situation?
  • Or maybe it was not memorable enough to keep or concern myself with?


It sounds simple, although there are a lot of things we know to do and yet, we do not do them.

It is so important every day to reflect. Take a moment outside and be rejuvenated by the simplicity of nature and the gift it gives at this time of year. Life is a treasure, and it is valuable to stop and evaluate before moving forward.


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