Managing your time online responsibly. Is TikTok Getting Banned?

Managing your time online responsibly. Is TikTok Getting Banned?

Following India’s decision to ban the Chinese social networking site TikTok over national security concerns, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo relayed the Trump Administration’s interest to ban the use of the app in the US due to fear over user security and privacy. With the app amassing over 110 million downloads in March alone, there’s no doubt that at least someone you know has it installed, or has seen clips from it online. One can only wonder what kind of backlash the ban would have, and the potential to shape social media as we know it.

Managing your time online

During boring day-to-days, social media can be an effective time sink and a way to stay connected with friends from home. From it, feelings of community and connection can be great tools to socialize with individuals that we otherwise couldn’t, as with during a quarantined lifestyle. There’s no doubt that it has a positive effect on the mental health of countless teenagers, but at the same time it can take advantage of our emotional development.

Through the Internet, social identity has moved toward social networking sites through the image we create of ourselves on them. On the digital stage, you can change how you want to be seen. Whether it acts as a useful way to meet new people or to create a spotless illusion for others is up to you. Either way, that image that we created can periodically cause us to compare it to others and feel envy or contempt. It’s important to take a break and find a way to use social media in a way that’s responsible and fun at the same time.

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