Mark your calendars: “New Year, New Start!”

Mark your calendars: “New Year, New Start!”


Beaverton, OR –2023. It feels weird trying to grasp the calendar years after the lull of the great pandemic. The ambivalence of what the future holds can be daunting for many; market pressures and inflation have seen us make tough financial decisions. With odds that don’t always feel in our favor, it truly surprises me to see businesses, organizations, and individuals come together to create a greater good, render a service demanded, and infuse their values into their brand.

The Downtown Association is currently looking to illuminate paths with its Light Pathways program. We will install lights from the West Library lot (that the City has designated as a public parking lot) to Restaurant Row by the First Dining Commons.  Our objective is to increase public safety, highlight businesses along the routes, and increase usage of the West Lot to assuage parking concerns.

The Downtown Association also plans to install more bike racks in 2023. Several businesses in Downtown have expressed interest in this project and we will work with them to find suitable areas of installment. Studies conducted in similar-sized cities as Beaverton have shown that adequate bicycle parking benefits local businesses by increasing exposure, diversifying customer base, and boosting revenue.

“Bike racks are a key part of what makes an accessible community,” said Beaverton City Councilor Kevin Teater. “As more and more people experience downtown Beaverton, we are building an environment that welcomes people who travel without cars. When paired with the future street improvements of the Loop, we’ll continue to see a more well-rounded and inclusive transportation system that supports our entire downtown community.”

Beaverton Downtown is excited for what is to come in the new year. 2022 was just the beginning of what we can achieve as a community, historical district, and an economic hub.


Mark your calendars:

  • February 10 : Beaverton 130th Birthday Celebration
  • April 29: 2nd Annual Boba Tea Walk
  • May 20: Wine Walk
  • August 26: Brewverton
  • September 28 – October 8: Beaverton Restaurant Week
  • October 29: Booverton


The Beaverton Downtown Association is currently recruiting a Design Committee Chair and a Youth Chair. Want to get involved? Check out