Mayma is working 5+ years above grade level (Thanks to Kumon of South Beaverton)

Mayma is working 5+ years above grade level (Thanks to Kumon of South Beaverton)



Mayma is 15 years old and a sophomore at Beaverton High School. In December 2021 she officially completed the Kumon math program! This means that Mayma is working 5+ years above her grade level, tackling college level math as a sophomore in high school. Having started the program at age 5, she showed incredible drive and maturity for her age.

Mayma, alongside her parents, have dedicated themselves to her learning and academic growth. Here is some advice they shared regarding the program: “Be patient. Kumon is not an overnight solution to whatever you and your child are hoping to see. However, it helps them develop the tools they need in order to be an independent and flexible learner who is not afraid to fail and continues to learn. With accuracy and speed in computation, reading comprehension and writing that Kumon brings, your child will become a self-sufficient learner. Therefore, your child will be able to master whatever they are required to or would like to learn regardless of subject or grade level and enjoy learning it. This naturally leads to a sense of heightened self-confidence and continuously enhances their desire to learn.”

Outside of Kumon, Mayma is an active member of her community, devoting much of her time to the practice of traditional Hula! This passion has earned her 1st place in both Kahiko (traditional hula) solo and ‘Auana (modern hula) solo divisions at the Ho’ike Hawai’i 2019 Hula Competition in Florida, as well as a debut hula performance at Lincoln Center in New York City with the two times Grammy Award winner Kalan Pe’a in 2020. She’s also an involved member of her Hawaiian civic club where she educates others about Hawaiian and Japanese cultures.

Mayma is an incredible and vastly accomplished young individual. We are in awe and eager to see where her journey takes her!

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