Measuring Success through independence and steady progress: Meet Timothy!

Measuring Success through independence and steady progress: Meet Timothy!



Timothy Delzer is a food service worker at a local café operated by LifeWorks Restaurant Group and recently celebrated his one-year work anniversary. This was a special commemoration because this is his first job, and with a first job comes pride, personal growth, a paycheck, and confidence!

Learning the job during the pandemic was challenging but having great managers and co-workers who welcomed him and helped him learn the ropes made all the difference. As more businesses opened and the pace at work became more demanding, Timothy was ready!

The experience of employment has had a positive impact on Tim’s life. Manager Jonathan shared “Tim is very flexible and committed. He is always willing to lend a helping hand wherever it is needed and makes sure to do the task at hand thoroughly and in a timely manner. He is constantly meeting expectations when it comes to his daily tasks.”

His mom shared that his success at work “helps him to know he can be successful in other areas of life.” She also notes that the skills we gain through working such as problem solving, participating in meetings, and the importance of being on time have really developed in Tim. Earning a paycheck contributes greatly to his sense of accomplishment as well!

Job coach Wynter sums it up concisely. “It has been so awesome to watch Tim’s confidence grow with his independence and progress at work.”

Congratulations, Tim on a year at work – with lots of continued successes!


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