Meet 13-year-old Audrey

Meet 13-year-old Audrey

Audrey is a 13-year-old 7th grader at International School of Beaverton. Audrey is a super student because she is a Kumon double completer! She completed the reading program in 2017 and has completed the math program in December.

Finishing both Kumon programs means that before even entering 8th grade, Audrey has completed math work (up to and including differential calculus) and reading material (that includes Shakespeare, critical thinking and writing)!

When Audrey is not doing her Kumon, she plays the piano, gardens, and sews. Audrey has received a First-Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and has many gold medals including a Gold Medal for flying side kick distance board break at the 2018 Northwest Martial Arts Festival. Audrey also competes in the Oregon Battle of the Books which her team won the 6-8th grade division last year.

Audrey’s parents are very proud of her and they feel that Kumon has helped Audrey feel confident at school. She meets so many smart, hard-working kids at the Kumon center and it helps motivate her.

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