Meet 14-year-old Helena, super kid!

Meet 14-year-old Helena, super kid!

Helena is 14 years old and she attends International School of Beaverton (ISB) as a 9th grader. Helena is a super student because she is a double completer of Math and Reading for the Kumon Program. By 9th grade Helena has completed math work up to and including differential calculus and reading material that includes Shakespeare, critical thinking and writing.

Besides excelling academically, Helena participates in her Art and Chinese after school clubs. In the past years, she has participated in Theater club as a stage manager.

Helena has a great deal of talent in art, creativeness, organization and leadership skills and her achievements have been rewarded with Art Awards and Junior Thespian Troupe Award from Conestoga Middle School.

Helena’s parents are thankful to Kumon and feel that Helena has learned a great deal not only in mathematics and reading, but also responsibility, creativity, problem solving and leadership skills that will support for her in the future.

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