Meet 7yo Guarita, a very super student

Meet 7yo Guarita, a very super student



An active and caring young lady

Gaurita is a second grader at Alberta Rider Elementary School. She is 7 years old with a drive and ambition well beyond her years.

Currently working one year above grade level in both math & reading, she is becoming a master of subtraction as well as identifying key topics & structures within sentences. Gaurita is using what she learns at Kumon to help her achieve her own goals of environmental awareness and activism. With dreams of becoming a paleontologist, she dedicates much of her time caring for the earth and all its living creatures. This includes convincing her parents to install and actively maintain compost bins at home! She also enjoys playing piano, riding her bike and nature walking, as well as building her own Lego cities.

Gaurita’s parent’s say, “Kumon has definitely provided Gaurita structure and discipline. She has become a fluent reader and loves spending time immersed in her favorite books about earth, space, dinosaurs and Dogman comics.”.

Gaurita is doing an amazing job and we are happy to see her set goals towards environmental awareness at such a young age. Our planet needs active and caring people like Gaurita!


What is Kumon?

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