Meet Aaron Tore, a highly valuable and dependable member of the team

Meet Aaron Tore, a highly valuable and dependable member of the team

Aaron Tore was interested in searching for a new job and connected with Dirkse Counseling and Consulting for Career Exploration opportunities. While working with Job Developer Tina, to learn about different types of jobs in the community he discovered a customer service position with the meat counter at Beaverton Fred Meyer.

What drew Aaron to this job was the manager who he easily connected with and advocated for him to apply for the position. Aaron received a job offer and has been going strong for several months!

After what Aaron described as great training, he has grown into a highly valued and dependable member of the team.

Aaron not only gets along well with his coworkers, but he is also trusted to work independently and provide what is described as excellent customer service – going above and beyond expectations.

He shares that he really found the manager to be a nice person and that encouraged him to apply. He credits his coworkers with training him well and expresses that he enjoys everything about his job. He is always up for working as many hours as possible.

Tina has expressed a lot of pride in the work he has been doing. “Aaron is a committed and dedicated employee who does exceptionally well at his job at the Fred Meyer meat and seafood department. He said he doesn’t mind being on his feet all day and loves his job and working a lot of hours. He consistently meets customers’ needs with positive engagement along with his coworkers. His willingness and his flexibility have contributed to his independence and confidence along with him, always learning and growing each shift!”

Congratulations on your success, Aaron!


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