Meet Albert and Etta, 7-yo bonded pair

Meet Albert and Etta, 7-yo bonded pair



Albert and Etta were picked up off a Craigslist post by one of our supporters. Sadly, they had been used as breeding dogs and lived outside without much human contact their entire lives.

When they came to us, they were not house trained, did not know how to walk on a leash, and were very skittish and scared of everything.

During their time in foster care, they are both doing wonderfully well with their potty training and will just need some consistency (and snacks) to continue their progress.

They are both fast learners and respond to some basic commands. They are crate trained and like to snuggle with each other. Both are very healthy and don’t seem to suffer from the usual pug ailments!

Albert may be one of the only pugs who will chase a ball and bring it back! He is that eager to please. Most of all, he likes curling up next to you and snoring away. He’s very sweet-tempered and will want to be your constant companion once he’s adjusted.

Etta is still very skittish on walks, but is learning quickly to trust. In her foster family’s big, enclosed yard, she is very happy to run free and shows a lot of confidence. Once in the house, Etta sometimes runs and plays, after she’s done, she falls asleep and snores up a tiny storm.

Having a secure outdoor space will be important to help build their confidence and continue the house training. If there is another dog in the home, it should be small and very relaxed and accepting. They will also need a human with the patience to focus lots of attention on them and continue their training and slowly introduce them to the world. Small children will not be a good fit.

With Etta you will get a snuggly sweet little pug girl and with Albert a devoted loving companion!


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