Meet bartender Steven Pistor, A worker who makes me smile!

Meet bartender Steven Pistor, A worker who makes me smile!

Can a bartender enhance a city one craft tequila cocktail at a time?

For those who encounter Steven Pistor in the copper colored atmosphere of First Street Taqueria, the answer is, yes. For almost three years, Steven has been a bartender and server at First Street Taqueria (formerly Watson Hall) and is passionate about bringing neighbors together by proudly serving innovative drinks and fresh modern tacos. “Whatever your way of life is, we’re all looking for good tacos and good drinks.”

The key to Steven’s ability to “create memorable experiences,” is in his approach to interactions. “How would I treat this person if this was my home?” As a bartender, Pistor makes the bar “a sacred space,” for customers to unwind. “No matter who you are, you can leave saying ‘that was a good part of my day.’” His ebullient and relaxed demeanor combined with focused attention on every customer, fosters a sense of genuine hospitality and social harmony.

Steven is an active part of the area by supporting local businesses daily.

After spending a month in Thailand, Pistor couldn’t wait to “get back to the community, businesses, and work” in Beaverton. Residing nearby, Steven wants the area to grow but believes downtown “needs better parking.” He also hopes the city will keep the “spirit of family owned businesses alive.” His favorite places include: Solace and Fine Espresso, Ex Novo, Spool and Pen, Thornton Coffee, and Decarli’s.

To Misa Thompson at Solace, Steven is “the heart of any community he’s in.” Pistor believes Beaverton is unique from other places because “everyone is supportive of each other,” and that the community focuses on “enjoying what we have in common.” By being a “conscious part of others enjoyment,” Steven Pistor reflects the spirit of Beaverton’s goodwill.

Let’s drink to that!

Frances Quaempts is homemaker, dog wrangler, and writer who can often be found hanging out in downtown Beaverton.