Meet Ben Boyd, Matching Skill Sets to Business Needs

Meet Ben Boyd, Matching Skill Sets to Business Needs

Objective: To obtain a part-time job where my reliability, dependability and outgoing personality will be of immediate benefit to my employer.


Friendly and outgoing personality

Follow through on job tasks

Reliable and dependable

Works well in a team environment

Motivated and hard-working

Strong customer service skills

With today’s low unemployment, what employer wouldn’t want to hire someone with these qualities? We often hear how applicants don’t show up for the interview or their first day, or they can’t seem to make it on time or need to leave early.  Work ethic seems to be non-existent for many, especially in entry-level service positions. However, there is an overlooked segment of our workforce that has skills to offer and is ready to work; they just need the right opportunity with the right employer.

Meet Ben Boyd

Meet Ben Boyd, a 21-year-old graduate of Westview High School and participant of the Beaverton School District’s Community Transition Program who was ready for his first job.  In high school, Ben volunteered at the student store, in recycling and the local food bank. He was an active participant in off-campus work experiences learning skills such as stocking, sorting and cleaning; all helping prepare him for working in the community and earning his own paycheck. However, as a person with Down Syndrome, he might have been overlooked or under-utilized, facing unconscious bias or even discrimination that is common to many individuals who experience disability.

Fortunately, Ben had the support of his teachers, family, and the State of Oregon, Department of Human Services – Vocational Rehabilitation who enlisted the help of Glenn Bishop of Dirkse Counseling and Consulting, Inc. who specializes in matching job seekers with disabilities to their employment career goals. After a process called Discovery, a plan was implemented for job development with Mr. Bishop. He arranged an introduction and interview with Adaptive Inclusion Specialist, Gretchen Gorman of Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District (THPRD). This THPRD program helps patrons with needed accommodations and accessibility with a focus on ability versus disability which is also their hiring philosophy. “Ben shows up and is ready to work. “He is never late and never asks to leave early… we are grateful to have him, he represents THPRD in every aspect… he shares his positive energy and attitude with all” said Ms. Gorman.

As an Office Assistant, Ben happily works to completes tasks such as laminating documents, organizing and assembling materials and clothing for the popular THPRD camps and programs. “I like my job… I like my co-workers, I have a great team”, Ben shared. With the support of a Job Coach from Dirkse CC and the team at THPRD, Ben is successful in his work and living out the THPRD philosophy of creating an environment that promotes dignity, success, and fun; because, after all, work should be fun too!

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