Meet Best Buy Employee Nathan Ueno: Managers are pleased with his contribution

Meet Best Buy Employee Nathan Ueno: Managers are pleased with his contribution

Nathan Ueno is a person who lives a very full life. He has many interests and activities that he enjoys such as creating art at a Portland studio, assisting with a small recycling business, participating in an outdoors club that goes on great adventures, and local performing arts. Although he loves being a part of his community in so many ways, he was hoping to complete his schedule with a job where he would be able to utilize his skills and talents and have just as much fun doing it.

He started his employment journey with Career Exploration activities. His job developer quickly realized that he has a knack for numbers, maps, geography and organization. He was able to visit some local businesses and learn about receiving, shipping, and stocking. His final Career Exploration opportunity was at Best Buy in Beaverton, where he shadowed a Retail Warehouse Associate whose tasks include fulfilling online orders and preparing items for shipment. Nathan enjoyed this experience so much he decided to apply for a seasonal position and was hired on!

With the support of a job coach and great coworkers, Nathan quickly learned his job as a Retail Warehouse Associate during the busiest time of year. When the season ended, Nathan waited patiently for a permanent opening and was rehired without any hesitation from the managers.

When Nathan is working, he is focused and productive. He loves working at Best Buy and enjoys using technology for order fulfillment, using carts and hand trucks to collect large items, and of course wrapping up purchases and printing shipping labels. He also says he would like to stay at Best Buy for as long as possible. Coworkers and managers are very pleased with his contribution and have seen his growth!

Awesome work, Nathan!


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