Meet Brianna Jones: Hero at Work: Her mission is to keep people safe

Meet Brianna Jones: Hero at Work: Her mission is to keep people safe

“Why am I washing my hands so much when I’m alone in my apartment?” is a question I have asked myself during the pandemic. COVID has brought back pesky rituals like the use of soap and sanitizer to the point that my knuckles often resemble those of a bare-knuckle brawler. While I do my best to manage and rationalize, I feel enormous gratitude for those workers who continue to keep our workplaces clean throughout this entire, germ-ridden ordeal. One of these heroes is Brianna Jones.

Brianna, a graduate of Westview High School and Beaverton Community Transition Program, performs custodial tasks for a large employer in the Portland Metro area. When asked to describe her job, Brianna stated her mission “is to make sure there are no germs and to keep people safe.” Wynter Lyons, Brianna’s job coach from Dirkse remarked, “Brianna can work long shifts and she was often the only person on campus. Brianna cleans and sanitizes the whole time and holds herself accountable.”

Like many of us, Brianna enjoys spending time with her cats and watching Hallmark Channel but relishes the opportunity to work and be productive outside of the house. Recently, when her favored pair of pink headphones broke, Brianna upgraded to a set of Bluetooth phones with her own hard-earned money.

Dirkse Counseling and Consulting supports many heroic individuals like Brianna who experience disabilities while making a positive impact in the community.


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