Meet Esha and Rumaisa, Super Kids!

Meet Esha and Rumaisa, Super Kids!

Esha and Rumaisa are super student sisters who are both excelling in the Kumon Math program.

About Esha

Esha is a freshman at Mountainside High school and working two years above grade level in math. Esha participates in theater and swimming. She has won first place in swim competitions and an honorable mention for her category in the science fair. She has her thespian card making her a registered junior thespian. To relax Esha enjoys baking and writing song lyrics.





About Rumaisa

Rumaisa is a 6th grader at Conestoga Middle School and working one year above grade level in math. She competitively swims, has won a second and third place award at her science fair and has won two awards for being Respectful and Responsible. When she isn’t working on her Kumon, Rumaisa likes to hang out with her friends, baking, reading, writing and art.

Rumaisa thinks that Kumon helped her on her math tests and overall in math. Esha feels that Kumon has helped her with advancing her skills in her math classes and has helped her keep up with some concepts that she had struggled on. It has benefited her over time even though she had to do a little extra work for it.

Their parents feel that Kumon has given the girls a big boost in their math classes and has helped them in advancing their math skills so they can stay ahead of their school math curriculum.


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