Meet Giselle, a 15-year-old super student Thanks to the Kumon program

Meet Giselle, a 15-year-old super student Thanks to the Kumon program

Giselle is a 15-year-old 9th grader who is a Kumon double completer! This means that before even finishing her freshman year of school, she has achieved a high level of reading and math. In Reading, she has completed work that includes high school level poetry, irony and critical thinking and writing and in math, she has mastered differential Calculus.

Giselle reached high school level work by 6th grade and then completed most of high school reading and math during her middle school years. It is a rare and commendable accomplishment in Kumon to receive both awards.

Now that Giselle is a completer of the program, she feels more confident to go out into the world and achieve her desires. Kumon creates consistency which can be carried out into all other aspects of life.

When she isn’t doing her Kumon, Giselle can be seen in her Hip-Hop dance classes, reading, baking, singing, meditating and hanging out with good friends. She is also currently working on optional Kumon levels, which consists of statistics.

Giselle’s parents feel that Kumon has shaped their daughter’s world forever. “It’s the smartest choice we’ve ever made as parents!” The opportunity to attend this program has built a foundation of loyalty, responsibility, academic goal setting and deep pride of accomplishment within oneself.”

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